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SERVICES  Coating & Plating

Phenolic Resin Coating  

Coating/Plating • Part number # PR7000


• PR7000 is a thermally-cured, specially-blended high molecular-weight phenolic-based coating that provides outstanding corrosion resistance in almost any environment. This coating offers an excellent chemical barrier as well as superior oxidization resistance.

Nickel Plating

Coating/Plating  • Part numbers:  Electrolytic # NI7001 •  Electroless # NI7002


Nickel plating neodymium magnets is generally required to prevent corrosion and for vacuum applications. Neodymium magnets are susceptible to corrosion, however, TDA Magnetics uses state-of-the-art magnet material which reduces the risk of any oxidation when plating. TDA Magnetics employs proprietary processes that include surface treatments, in-process handling and etching, to ensure your nickel plating is consistent and correct from each magnet lot. Neodymium magnets are typically electrolytic plated, whereas samarium cobalt magnets, when plated, are typically electroless plated. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Aluminum IVD

Coating/Plating  • Part number # AL7003


At TDA Magnetics, the I.V.D. process begins once the parts are cleaned and put into an I.V.D. Chamber. It's pumped down to a very low vacuum (8x10/-5), then power supply is turned on and the chamber's filled back with argon ("glow discharge cleaning"). Next, the chamber's pumped down again and ceramic heat-resistant elements called boats are heated. Finally, 99.9% high-purity aluminum wire is fed and vaporized. The I.V.D. process is versatile and adaptable to a wide variety of parts, shapes and sizes. It's a line-of-sight process with wrap-around; current military specification is Mil-DTL-83488 Revision C, for three classes and two types.


Coating/Plating  • Part number # EP7004 


• EP7004 is TDA Magnetics' special epoxy-based coating that provides excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. 


Coating/Plating  • Part number # PA7005


TDA Magnetics’ Parylene conformal coatings are ultra-thin, pinhole-free polymer coatings that provide a number of high-value surface treatment properties such as excellent moisture, chemical and dielectric barrier properties, thermal and UV stability, and dry-film lubricity. These properties make SCS Parylene coatings the ideal choice for a number of applications including the medical device, military and aerospace industries.

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